Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for italian mp4
Good quality product and fast shipping from EU (4days). Fast Android 7.1.2; nice quality HD display and good quality sound. Perfect tuner and GPS. Fit for Skoda Octavia 2005, too. 2 type ISO connector (Euro ISO and Quadlock) with canbus box. Recommended!
All arrived ok. Stereo is ok, all I've expected. Stereo Froze ones and wifi antenna is better to be pulled out higher for better signal as it's burried down behind the stereo and there is a lot of interference, so it's good to get extension right away. All questions has been answered by supplier. Good communication.
Fast shipping, no extra tax for Europe (Hungary). It fits for Ford Focus C-Max 2006. WiFi and GPS signal are ok. The radio signal could be better. The android 8.0.0 op.system is fine, Google Play Store, Waze, iGo, Google maps are working good. The handsfree phone with bluetooth, contacts and calling are fine. You can listen mp3 music from memory card, from pendrive, from bluetooth. You can use mobile internet with your phones wifi hotspot or with usb modem. It is recommended to order the radio removal tools/keys.