Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for สำหรับ 5 น่ารัก 3d
Purchased on 06/08, arrived to me in Canada on 06/25 with AliExpress Standard Shipping. Phone case is just like the picture, exactly as described. I personally like the texturing of the image, however I have a feeling it may peel off. Provides as much protection as a gel case could. Great value for such a nice product. Very happy with the the purchase. Thank you!
i liked this cover but the mixed stone cover is way better than this cover ..i thought this will look much better than my other cover i ordered (colourful stone )
I give this product 5 stars because it fully deserves it. The seller made me feel so valuable by checking to make sure I received the product and that it was meeting my expectations and I thought that was a nice and much needed personal touch. Thoroughly satisfied and I will be repurchasing !
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