Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for เข็มกลัด
I love buying from this store. Each order is perfectly packed with no missing items - and never missing stones. Quality and service. Lovely hummingbird brooch measures nearly 1.5 inches in height. It has a barrel C style clasp. Pave set grey stones have plenty of sparkle. The feathers are done in nicely shaded drip oil looking enamel. Prompt shipping and perfect packing. I will buy from this store again (and again and again). Always a perfect buying experience.
<3 hummingbird brooch ! The head and body are set in grey stones that give this piece the look of vintage marcasite. The wings are done in a blue drip oil finish. Brooch has a barrel C pinback. Large order packed perfectly. No missing pieces and no missing stones. Very pleased with this seller. Will buy from again.
ONE week !!! actually 6 business days is how quickly the order arrived in the US. Order shipped China Post, boxed not bagged, and perfectly packed ! Beautiful bow brooch with a large grey faux pearl. The end of the pearl fitting is textured to give it even more sparkle. The bow is pave set, not micro-pave. It measures appx 1.25 inches across and has a barrel C style pinback. No missing stones. Very good value for the price. Did I mention it came in a week? Very pleased with this vendor in service, quality and price point. will buy from again