Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ลูกปัดลูกปัด
I ordered both 2mm and 3mm cubes. This was a very positive transaction: (1) 12 days to the US; (2) colorful, well made beads, uniform in size/shape/color; (3) items matched the photos and descriptions; and (4) items were packaged securely. Thanks, Seller!
I ordered these on the 9.7.18 & they arrived on the 2.8.18 which was good shipping speed to me here in NZ. The beads themselves are great, very cute and all are undamaged and consistent with each other. I got exactly 50 & they measure 6mm across & 4.5mm thick. I’m really happy with them as well as being happy to recommend them as well as the seller. Many thx from NZ :)